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At the end of 2016, the trampoline park industry was worth over $1 billion and included 700 locations worldwide, the Los Angeles Times reported. As you expand your trampoline park institution with a ZavaZone franchise, it’s important to keep these trends in mind:

1. Your park needs a distinguishing factor.

If there are 700 trampoline parks around the world, then obviously yours needs a distinguishing factor. A ZavaZone franchise will set you apart from the competition. It’s no longer enough just to be a trampoline park — there are enough of those to go around. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions cited examples of parks with ninja courses, climbing walls, and laser tag, while described those with bungee jumping and volleyball courts. That’s what makes ZavaZone unique— it offers ninja courses, rope courses, trampolines, climbing challenges, giant slides, zip lines, and more.

2. Trampoline parks are marketing themselves as fun exercise centers.

As FSP Retail Business Consultants reminds us that in a world so captivated by technology, individuals welcome the opportunity to pursue “fun, healthy and sociable leisure pursuits.” With ZavaZone, which is more than a trampoline park, we fulfill the niche of exercise methods that don’t feel like exercise, especially for kids.

3. Trampoline parks appeal to a multigenerational market.

Trampoline parks are increasingly used for both corporate team building, two-year-olds’ birthday parties and more. A ZavaZone franchise reaches multiple demographics because it offers multiple zones to suit everyone’s interests. From ninja courses to extreme dodgeball to a trip on the zip line, along with birthday parties, fitness classes, and parents night out events, our unique offering sets you apart from other trampoline franchises.

The trampoline park industry continues to grow. At ZavaZone, we understand these trends and are committed to helping your business emerge ahead of the competition. If you’re thinking about entering this market, consider ZavaZone’s available trampoline park franchise opportunities, and contact us to learn more.