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As an established franchisee, you are likely always looking for opportunities that have potential to grow your business. The possibility of attracting thousands of new customers, not to mention retaining existing ones, can be realized with some simple planning around product diversity.

Basically, don’t forget to offer party packages! If your business has stagnated a bit, or if you’ve been growing your trampoline park franchise by organically building rapport with your guests, this revenue creator may be a big boost to your franchise business.

Party Packages Are the Right Opportunity with a Family Entertainment Franchise

Diversification is important in the family entertainment industry. The right product or service can lead to increased profits. That’s where party packages come in. They provide a suite of pre-set entertainment and activities for your customers.

A ZavaZone trampoline park franchise has one of the greatest incentives for parents who want to hold a party at its disposal: An all-in-one location for an entire morning, afternoon, or even a full day, of fun and excitement for the kids.

It’s the perfect venue. There’s less hassle because everything you need for the party is already there, and less hassle means happier parents. Further, the children have the opportunity to bounce around in an energy filled, excitement inducing, physically healthy environment. It really can be a winner for all parties: parents, kids, and of course, your franchise.

Use Your Talent to Create Profit

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The ideal ZavaZone franchisee is someone who understands the importance of getting people back into physical activities and believes in the value of connecting with others in their local communities. This might be even more important in this day and age because people spend so much time in their own worlds attached to their various devices.

You may not know everything about a kid’s franchise, or about owning a trampoline park franchise, but you know your community, and even more importantly, you have the people skills required to engage with guests.

ZavaZone can help with the rest. We can help you with the business part – like helping you put together the most attractive party packages – while you use your other strengths to build your business.

If a family entertainment franchise fits your personality, you will naturally want to go above and beyond to interact with people, solicit business and provide individual service while operations hum along smoothly thanks to your oversight and guidance from our experienced team. And it’s fun! We’d love to tell you more about this opportunity to own a franchise.

Create Reasons to Celebrate

Spending on kid entertainment and parties continues to increase. It’s one reason it’s the perfect time to own a family entertainment franchise. Parents are looking to move the fun away from the family home because we spend more time in our homes. Smartphones, TVs, computers and other devices make it convenient to stay indoors, but we all know that getting out and about is important and healthy.

Naturally, this is music to any potential or current ZavaZone franchisee’s ears. In a world where brand loyalty has the potential to promote a healthier bottom line, it makes sense to create party packages that cater to a range of needs and budgets.

Don’t be fooled. Price is only one component in offering effective party packages. Contrary to what you might think, parents don’t always want the cheapest party on offer. They want value for their money. Value they can be see in the environment itself, and in their kids’ faces.

Offer this value, and your franchise can benefit from a whole new revenue stream. ZavaZone can help you set up the perfect party packages. These packages have worked for us and our franchisees for many years in all kinds of communities.

Remember, whether you’re thinking about buying a family entertainment franchise or you already have one, you’re not just exploring the family entertainment business, you’re in the “memory-making” business.

A ZavaZone franchise sells something very valuable to parents, adults and kids in the community – experiences with family and friends. That is what owning a ZavaZone adventure park franchise is all about.

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